Old World Carpentry is a local, family business owned and operated by Jens Muller. Jens mastered his craft within the German apprenticeship tradition, training under master carpenters and cabinet makers. Today, Old World Carpentry brings that time- honored tradition to the buildings and homes of Central Virginia.

We specialize in historic renovations, striving to restore Central Virginia's historic buildings while maintaining their original integrity. Residential homeowners can also call on Old World Carpentry for interior and exterior renovations, as well as custom cabinetry and built-ins. For home garden areas, we construct decks, garden structures, and treehouses.

Much of the lumber for our projects is locally harvested and custom sawn with our Wood-Mizer portable saw mill. We have the capability to turn logs into lumber, siding, roof shakes, and even firewood and mulch. Due to the mill's portability, we can saw downed trees into usable lumber on site. Our customers enjoy this sustainable harvest of trees from their natural landscape, and can then enjoy watching us use their home-grown lumber for their home building project.

German Engineering

September 2012 issue of
Nelson County Life

“I like to create things; it’s fun to go out and make something new every day. It’s kind of an art. The possibilities are endless...”

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Jens Muller, master German carpenter

Services Offered

  • Trained in Germany
  • Quality German Craftsmanship
  • Custom Remodeling
  • Historic Renovations
  • Custom Sawing with a wood
    mizer portable band saw