Historic Renovations

We are able to restore older buildings, revealing their original state while replacing outdated or decayed materials with new, aesthetically similar materials. Protecting local history in this way is a benefit to the community as well as the property owner.

Custom sawing with a portable sawmill

  • Sawing your logs into usable lumber on your site
  • Able to saw beveled siding and roof shakes
  • By-products of this process are valuable as well, resulting in mulch and firewood
  • Custom-sawn lumber, mulch and firewood are always available for sale from our company

Interior and Exterior Remodeling and Repair

Improve the comfort and livability of your home while increasing its value. Window and door replacement, additions, basement conversions, siding replacement, shutters, bath and kitchen remodels are some of the possibilities.

Custom cabinetry and Built-ins

Built-in cabinets and bookcases can be created to your specifications, in kitchen, bath, and living areas

Outdoor living spaces

Decks, gazebos, playhouses, treehouses, farm outbuildings, and tea houses are examples of previous projects. We work with your creative vision to design and create the outdoor living space you have in mind.

We have had the pleasure of working with Jens for the past six years. Having gone through a 3-year apprenticeship in Germany, he is indeed a Master Carpenter. He has constructed throughout our house beautiful bookcases, shelving, cabinets...Anything you can conceive of, Jens can build and the results will be quality and ingenuity that are truly stunning. No matter what we ask for, the answer is always "We will make it work" and he always does.
Donna & David Craige